Welcome to the internet home of Song Tree Service USA. Here, we have all the information you’ll need about the services offered from our company. Among other services, we have become on of the top companies for tree removal, branch trimming, and stump grinding and removal in our area. With years of experience under our belts, you can be sure to trust us with your hard earned money to do great work at an affordable rate.

Why should you hire us?

Here are a couple reasons why you should consider giving us your business for all of your arbor care needs:

Honest work

Here at Song Tree Service, we know that money comes easily. After all, you spend pretty much all day every day trying to earn it. We believe that the same should go for us. We want to make sure that we are working as hard as we possibly can for you. When you step back and take a look at it, it’s only fair.

Affordable prices

In relation to honest work, we believe that part of being honest is charging people for what the work is actually worth. That means that we will strive hard to make sure that you won’t get overcharged. We offer free estimates for our prospective customers. Our experienced associates who have been trained at Longview Tree Service – top arborists Texas will be able to give you an accurate and honest quote on how much the work is going to cost.

Quality work

We take pride in our work. In fact, we believe that we are the best at what we do in this area. Our pride is not hot air. We are willing to work hard and sweat to prove it to you. Throughout the years, we’ve made sure that we get the job done right the first time. We want ourselves to be just as impressed as you are with a finished job. This work ethic has garnered rave reviews from our customers. They know that when they call Song Tree Service USA, they are getting the best bang for the buck as well as quality arbor care.


Don’t believe us? No worries, you don’t have to take our word for the work we do. Just listen to what some of our past customers have to say about the work we do.


“I am so thrilled with the branch cutting job that Song Tree Service USA has done. They did everything I wanted perfectly. Not only that, the price was incredibly fair (read: low) for the level of work that they did. Thanks, Song Tree!”


“A couple of months ago, I had a few trees removed from my backyard. I called Song Tree for the job based on the recommendations of my neighbors. Boy, was I in for a treat. The work was done thoroughly but quickly. To boot, they are just the nicest guys you could ever meet. Song Tree USA is a top notch quality arbor care company. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again. Cheers!”


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