Hello there!

Welcome to the home of Song Tree Service USA, the leading arbor care and tree removal service in the Burbank, California area. On this website, you will be able to find all of the information that you will need about the services we offer. You can also get in touch with us through our contact page.

In addition, this page provides a little bit of background information on how we got started in the tree care and cutting business. We didn’t necessarily intend to end up here, but we are still excited to be doing what we love doing every day.

A Different Path


Usually when people end up in the tree removal business, they go into it having the right training and experience. We, however, gained our experience from a different route. We originally started out as real estate agents. Having gotten degrees in sales and marketing, we were good at selling houses. In addition, we were almost unbeatable when it came to getting a house ready for a viewing.

However, one day, we were looking to have a couple trees removed on a certain property the day before a viewing. Unfortunately, the tree people cancelled, and we were stuck. We decided to do the tree removal ourselves. We did some research, got the right tools, and pulled off the tree removal perfectly.

We then became the in house tree removal and arbor care department for our real estate firm and later went on to start our company, Song Tree Service USA.