Sometimes even the nicest of trees need a manicure. This is why one of our most popular services here at Song Tree is our branch cutting service.

This quick and affordable service can make a world of difference in a number of ways. You might not even realize that you need to have some branches on your property trimmed. Let us tell you some great reasons to get your branches cut.

Why trim?


One of the top reasons that people come to us to get their branches trimmed on their property is for aesthetic purposes. for example, some people have great views from their house that are blocked by a few tree branches. In this case, it makes sense to have them cut in order to improve the scenic value of the house. This can also boost the property value of the house as well. Check this information out!


If you have large tree branches that are near your house or another structure on your property, it is advisable that you remove them. In the event of inclement weather or an adverse circumstance, that branch could potentially break, causing property damage and potentially injury. Getting branches removed in this situation is an easy fix to increase your safety and improve your well being. Some of our specialists have been trained at other top notch companies such asĀ tree service Ann Arbor MI. They’ll be able to do the job right for you.


Like a lot of nature, branches grow in ways that are sometimes unpredictable. This can result in unwanted obstruction of your property. If you have a trail, driveway, or a yard, you probably know what it’s like to have certain areas inaccessible because of a large branch that is in the way. If you call us, you can remedy this issue quickly by removing that branch.

Tree health

Finally, there are certain branches that are dead or detract from the health of a tree. Branch trimming can act as pruning in this situation.