If you’ve got an annoying stump in your back yard or on your property, chances are you’ve thought of getting it removed. However, the task of getting rid of a stump might seem a bit arduous.

We’re here to tell you that saying bye bye to that pesky stump is much easier than you may think! Our stump grinding and removal services will make sure that hunk of wood taking up space on your property is gone forever.

If you’re curious about getting a stump taken care of, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts who have had experience at Wixom Tree Service – affordable prices & free quotes are ready to help you out. On this page, we’ve included some general information on the difference between the two services (yes, there is a difference!). Read on down below to get all of the details.

Grinding or Removal: Which to get?

There is a difference in the process, cost, and outcome of these two services. Let us help you make sure which one is right for you.


Grinding, in short, is a quicker, easier, and cheaper job. Essentially, what we do is cut and grind down the stump until it is at ground level. This allows the ground surface of your property to be more or less even. As a result, you’ll have more ease mowing your lawn, putting up a trampoline, or installing other basic things around the stump.


Removal, on the other hand, is a little bit more involved. This is because in the removal process, we actually take the stump out of the ground. This means that we also do away with the roots. This service takes more time and is more expensive. However, it is more thorough and is more necessary for construction, especially if you are doing below ground construction such as pipe laying or foundation building.